The Xylophonics (Xylophoniker) consist of three musicians playing the metallophone and marimba, sometimes accompanied by piano. The name Xylophonics goes back to the beginning of the group when the majority of the instruments were xylophones. With increasing perfection, higher demands were placed on the instruments. Therefore the xylophones were replaced by marimbas one by one.

For over 20 years the group held concerts in Germany and other European countries e.g. Austria, France, and Denmark.

Special concert tours brought them to Iceland (1986) and Finland (1988). The longest and most impressive concert tour was arranged and accompanied by the ecumenical office in Munich: In 1990 the group spent three weeks over Christmas in Central America playing concerts with the wish: "Peace for El Salvador".

Their first record, produced in 1984, was succeeded by several recorded broadcasts and two CDs in 1992 and 1998.

Barbara Klose is the head of the group. She is employed as a church musician in a Protestant parish near Munich. In addition she conducts several choirs and gives music lessons for adults and children.

The varied repertoire is arranged by Barbara. It includes renaissance dances, baroque music, composition for organ, piano, and orchestra, as well as ragtime and folk. It's a fascinating experience to hear well-known compositions in an unusual sound, completed by the perfect performance and the joyful engagement of the artists.

And this is the group: Barbara Klose (see above), Brigitte Kleucker (software quality engineer), and Klaus Scheffer (physician).

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